How To Juggle Football or Soccer Ball For Beginners and Kids

How To Juggle Football or Soccer Ball For Beginners and Kids. That’s today’s topic that is for beginners. How to learn juggling 99% will do this mistake what’s that mistake and how to avoid it is this article is all about! So, juggling for beginners, and don’t forget to read this article till the end.

Because there’s an awesome trickshot waiting for you guys! So, in this thing, the basic mistake that a beginner does is that what they do is that they keep their leg like this instead of keeping like this.

So, the first point will lead to disappointment ! how it happens is that keep the ball like this. This is how it happens. So beginners if you know, and if you tried it and quit it that is because of this reason, and you guys know it!

So, I’m going to teach you how to correct that mistake it’s very simple !that is .. you’re leg position is very very important! Anybody can do juggling I bet!

I’ll explain it to you simply what’s that is two parts of the leg are very important, and the position of that is very important so that you easily juggle the first one is knee second one foot!

How To Juggle Football

1st Mistake – Locking the Knee

Knee and foot position of those parts are very important so so many people what they do is they lock their knee that is while juggling they do like this.

So, locking the knee is the first big mistake beginners will do.

2nd Mistake – Pointing Foot Downwards

2nd mistake is in the ankle part! What they do in the footpath is that they keep their foot in this angle and juggle they don’t stay at this angle.

How To Juggle Football or Soccer Ball  For Beginners and Kids

In that case, what happens is that in doing so, the ball goes far from them ! if you such mistake what happens is that you lose your confidence on your first touch! Psychologically, it disappoints your mind!

So how to avoid these two mistakes is what im going to teach you first we’ll correct the position of the knee, and then we’ll go for ankle, so the first one is the knee position!

Very basic! See here back and front! Back and front. What so many people do is that move their leg only forward front if you do like this you can’t juggle first thing is, bend your knee back and font!

Back and front back and front when you’re doing it for the first time. Make the bill bounce while bouncing the ball; the knee should be at the end! And then, the front! Back and front so, this is all about knee position now, let’s see how to correct the angle position!

The first thing you guys need to know is once after the bounce of the ball, your foot position while kicking should be like this.

So that, the ball goes up! this is basic! Got it? If you keep like this what happens is that! if kick like that, the ball goes front side! you need to give that lift while kicking the ball!

So there should be that ankle work that is okay? See here while you’re in contact with the ball till that you can keep like this but once you’re in connection with the ball! Okay?

3rd Mistake – Connection with Ball

The third main mistake that we do is where we need to connect the ball main mistake beginners generally do where you keep that contact with that ball is that if you’re going to do so many or like you’re going to do the trick or do freestyle side.

If you were doing for that then what I would advice is that to juggle using the front part ! that is this place! Juggling in this is advisable why because you’ll get that controlled ball height in this type of juggling.

If you’re a footballer! If you say you’re doing it for only ball control if you say so for that, you see the lace part, here! Using this part of the foot is advisable what disadvantage in this is that the ball goes height so you can’t do big freestyle moves because while the ball goes too high freestyle touch will be difficult.

The more you keep the juggle low, the more it will be easy to do freestyle, but I only need to do juggling if you think you did not want to do tricks you can do that in the lace part!

Like how? did you notice? The ball goes a little bit higher there’s nothing like this is right and that is right! if you want to do freestyle moves it would be easy if you keep the ball low! if the same goes higher it would be difficult to do freestyle moves!

So now, you came to know! Three main mistakes. If you guys correct it, juggling would be easy! even in that, there’ll be some difficulties. There’s a technique for that ill teach you now.

As I said knee should go back and front ! that should be the case only when you’re doing it by a bounce that is like this! Bounce and tap! while doing this ! as I said while the ball bounces the leg should go backward!

Bounce and tap, but when you’re doing continuously ! you can’t do that because see this while doing consistently you have to react faster! Because you’ll have that time while doing it with a bounce back and front, but once the ball reaches the top it’s going to come down, and you need to juggle with the next leg (left).

So you can’t bring back your leg like that ! so you can’t bring back your leg like that ! so the technique for that is jogging procedure what you do when you jog at the same place ! while you’re jogging at the same home.

You’re not going to give back and front movement simple not like this that’s what we’re going to do in continuous juggle so 1st tap will be a bounce, back and tap while doing the second tap you won’t have time to give that back and front so give a jogging movement!

The first tap got it? That is while your leg is in contact with the ball, your knee should be in a bend position only while your leg is in connection with the ball, your knee should be in a bend position and tap same for the other leg.

Bend and tap and this leg bent and tapped why this bend is that too gives a position the foot if not it would be like this that won’t look nice and you would have a bad control over the ball, so I’ve taught you juggling easily so many mistakes.

What beginners do if you’re a beginner as I said earlier if you tried and gave up after that if you did try it! Correct these three mistakes that I’ve said !even you can juggle easily!

If you start juggling doing tricks will also be easy ! but the base for that is juggling! Learn that without fail by correcting this three mistake that ive mentioned knee position, foot position and in what place you have to connect the ball follow.

These steps and start juggling now the time has arrived for the trickshot ! what im going to do is this video is related to juggling, so im going to do a challenge by juggling what’s that is from here to there ill going by jugging and should return the same way with the least amount of time without dropping the ball!

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