How to Play Fantasy Football for Beginners Step by Step Guide

How to Play Fantasy Football for Beginners Step by Step Guide. If you have no idea what fantasy football is, don’t worry. And If you get stuck on something I’m talking about, you don’t quite get it, make sure you watch the entire article because I’ll likely explain it down the road.

In this article, I’m going to tell you precisely what fantasy football is, then I’m going to tell you how you can get started. So right after this article, you can go and get started playing fantasy football.

How to Play Fantasy Football Topic to Discus

  1. Fantasy Football Definition
  2. Getting Started
  3. The Draft
  4. Managing Your Team
  5. Win Baby

Then we’re going to talk about the draft, managing your team after the draft, and what the result is; what you’re ultimately doing in fantasy football, what the goal is.

How to Play Fantasy Football for Beginners Step by Step Guide

What is Fantasy Football

Let’s start with the definition: So, what is fantasy football? Fantasy football is where you go out and select players, select NFL players, to create a team. Now, the better the NFL player performs in real life on the field, the better your team performs.

The better your players perform statistically in a game, the more fantasy points you get. The goal is to score more fantasy points than your opponent. It’s as simple as that.

Getting Started
Join a League

Let’s talk about how to get started. First, you want to join a league. Leagues are just about any size nowadays, but the typical league ranges from 8 players to 16 players.

Now, We don’t call them players, just because it gets confusing with the term NFL players, so they’re called owners.

So we refer to this to an 8-man league, a 10-man league, a 12-man league or a 16-man league. You can play with friends and family, or you can play with coworkers, or you can play online in a public league.

Free League Vs. Money League

Now you can be in a free league where you play for fun, or you can be in a money league where there is a buy-in or a league fee.

It could be $10, $100, or much more, depending on how hardcore you are. Now, in a money league, there’s a commissioner. You can think of the commissioner sort of like the commissioner in the NFL or the president of a club.

He or she would mediate if there are any disputes, sets the draft date; pretty much in charge of making sure everyone has fun and the league runs smoothly. These leagues are held on a website.

Some of the most popular that you could join, you would need an account to join, it’s typically free to sign up. Some are ESPN, Yahoo,, to name a few. There are about a dozen more popular ones; CBS Sports, MFL, just as other examples.

One piece of advice is to know when the draft is, what type of draft are it and all the league settings. Make sure you know your draft time and your draft date. You don’t want to miss that. Now let’s talk about the draft.

The Draft

The most important part of fantasy football is the draft. Now, it could be a snake draft or an auction draft. We won’t get too much into an auction draft, but that’s basically where an owner nominates a player and your bid.

So you can get any player you want, as long as it’s within your budget; every owner starts at $200. Now, don’t worry that sounds confusing because more than likely you won’t be an auction league, those are much rarer.

The popular one that you’re likely going to be in is called a snake draft. This type of draft is very similar to a real NFL Draft, except that the next round goes in the inverse draft order as the round before.

Now, what the heck does that mean? That means that if you drafted last in a 10-man league, so there are ten owners, you have the 10th pick, you draft last in the first round, OK? So you draft earlier in the 1st round, and then the following round you draft first.

So you would have the 10th pick as well as the 11th. And of course, the guy who is drafting first in the first round would draft last in the following round.

Some essential advice in drafts to follow: Now you want to make sure you don’t draft anybody with severe injuries.

You don’t want to be the guy who drafts someone who is not alive or someone who is not playing the whole season or someone who’s suspended the entire season. So keep that in mind when drafting, those things matter, of course.

If they don’t play, they don’t get you any points. You also want to keep in mind—bye, Weeks. Now, if you draft two quarterbacks, typically one to start and one on your bench, you usually don’t want them to have the same Bye Weeks.

That usually won’t work out for you. If you have two quarterbacks with the same Bye Week on your team, that is it a bad thing.

Draft for Value

Also, you want to draft for value. That means that you don’t want to pick in the first round a player that you like.

If you can wait for a couple more rounds, that’s where you should draft them. Now drafting for value is not a hard thing to do, but it does take some preparation and research.

The best thing you can do is look for ADP, so look for Average Draft Position, which tells you exactly where people are being drafted.

So if a quarterback is being drafted in the fifth round in most leagues, and you like that quarterback, you’re in the 7th round, and he’s still there, that’s a great place to draft him. You just got 5th round value for a 7th round pick.

Look at Ranking

Another place to look is rankings. Now rankings aren’t as important as the next one I’m going to mention. Rankings are players ranked from 1 through 200, or 1 through 300 and that tells you about how good a player is going to do based on his projections for that season.

Now the most important thing you want to do is mock drafts. These are practice drafts that you do before your real draft to get a feel of how the entire draft is going to go.

Now, I’m not going to get too much into this, because they are time-consuming and it’s time-consuming to explain.

I’m going to go into more detail about how to save time doing mock drafts, and how to make mock drafts more efficient.

Please click on that article and you’ll learn a lot more about mock drafts. You’ll be more ready for your draft when it comes.

After the draft, you have a full roster, and you have a team. Let’s talk about managing your team throughout the season. You want to know who to start and who to sit each week.

Your backups will sit on the bench, and you want to start your best players. Some tips on who to create for your best players; you want to begin to the most talented players, the players who will produce the most points, but matchups are an essential thing to look at. If they’re facing a tough run defense, you may want to bench that running back that you have.

If they’re facing a defence that allows a ton of pass yards, you may want to start that quarterback or that wide receiver that’s playing against them.

Now, if you’re looking for more start ’em, sit ’em advice, we have weekly articles on our website. Also, make sure you keep up-to-date on specific situations like injuries.

Stay up to date with your fantasy news.

If a player is a 50-50 chance he’s going to start, make sure you know whether he’s starting or if he’s going to sit that game.

You never want to start an injured player or a suspended player. You never want to be that guy in your league. Now there are some ways to try and improve your roster during the season, and that’s through trades and waivers.

Now trades are hard to pull off. You’re going to try and trade a player for another player, you can try to trade three players for two players, but the tricky part is both sides have to agree.

The trade has to be beneficial for both owners. Good peace advice is to watch out for tricky trades. If you’re starting in fantasy football, a lot of people try and take advantage of you by sending terrible trades, so don’t fall for those.

Now the most common and most comfortable way you’re going to improve your team after the draft is through waivers. Waivers are NFL players that are not owned on anyone’s roster. So if they’re not on anyone’s team, you can claim them off waivers.

There are different types of waivers, because if two owners try to claim the same person, the same NFL player, then it has to go by a particular order or what we call waiver priority.

Now I say focus because if an owner is trying to own one player, trying to claim one player off waivers, while another owner is trying to claim the same player, one of those guys, one of those owners has to have priority. Now, there’s an inverse order.

Inverse order is basically, let’s say I have the priority for Week 1. I claim somebody, and I get them of course because I have focus. The next week, I have last preference, so I’m not going to be able to claim the one guy I want if someone else claims them.

The second one is the inverse rankings. The team that’s doing the worse gets the best waiver priority.

So, The team that’s the last place will get the first shot at waivers. Another way, which is more experienced, more hardcore, you’ll likely not going to be doing it the first time, but it is popular.

You definitely could be doing it, is the waiver auction. You bid on waivers. So you have let’s say $1,000 in waiver money, the more you bid on a player is, the higher the chance you’re going to be able to get him. And let’s talk about the final goal, the whole thing, why you’re playing this: Is to win the Fantasy Football Super Bowl.

So first you have to make the playoffs, and as I said before, when I talked about drafting and managing your team, is to know the league settings. So let’s say you’re in a 10-man league, so there are ten owners.

Typically in a league like that, four teams make the playoffs. So you’ve got to make the playoffs, then you’ve got to win the Fantasy Super Bowl, and then you’re a fantasy football champion! If you’re in league with your buddies, family or coworkers, the winner can get a trophy or a belt or a ring-like these ones here.

And we sell those on, so you may want to check that out. Also, some leagues, if you’ve watched the show “The League”, that may be the reason why you’re watching this article, and you wanna play fantasy football, in “The League” they have the Shiva for the winner; That’s like our belt or trophy or ring.

And for the loser, the person that comes in last, they have the Sacko. So, sometimes it’s a tradition that the person who comes in absolute last gets the Sacko.

In this one league, the loser has to get a tattoo, and the winner selects what the tattoo is. So, this is a lot of fun… you don’t want a terrible tattoo on you for the rest of your life.

You don’t want to lose in that league. And that about wraps up this article. Make sure you guys read this article so I can explain to you why our fantasy football belts are so freaking cool.

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