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How to Play Football Like a Champion Today

Welcome guys, happy to meet you guys again! I’m going to show you How to Play Football very easily. If you like football or if you wish to watch football-related content. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter because we are creating fantasy football content here.

Today what we are going to see is For example, if you have your football kit and you’re in a football ground like this, and you’re a primary football player. You don’t know anything about football, and you haven’t played ’til now then is article is for you.

How to Play Football

How to play football

From basics, you’ve come to the ground with your friends after reading this article. You can learn the basics of football, and you can play football at an amateur level please read this article till the end.

Because there’s an awesome trickshot waiting for you guys at the end. Not only that.

So, in football, there are four basic things

  1. Passing
  2. Receiving
  3. Dribbling
  4. Shooting

If you don’t know anything about football, or how to play football all you have to focus on these things. How to receive a ball in the match because you can’t play a game without receiving it. So the first thing is receiving. And the next one is passing.

Passing a ball to a player 3rd one is dribbling when there’s a space and if you wish to cut through it. And help the team to move toward the goal. So dribbling
4th one is shooting. Without shouting, you can’t score the goal. These are the four things.

1. Passing

Now we’ll look into the 1st thing which is passing. So, friends, this is about a basic passing drill it’s not technical though just a basic passing technique. The ball will be at the center of the court, and your friends will waiting for the ball in that case. Most of the beginners in football what will they do is that they pass the ball using the front part of the foot.

They do is that they pass the ball using the front part of the foot while passing just for the sake of kicking it. Like this! So this is the first sign that you’re an amateur. So to not being like that.

I’ll show you how to pass you’re going to use both the feet. So, in one foot if you’re a right-footer. Then the use of you’re left leg is that to point out to whom you’re going to pass the ball. That is you’re going to use your left foot.

You are considering that you are passing the ball in this direction. Just point out and move second thing, suppose you’re here, and you’re going to give the shot there. Point towards there. That’s how your left leg should point. Similarly, if you’re a left-footer, then you use the right foot as your pointer. Okay?

How to Play Football

“Pointer foot”. So your weaker foot will be your pointer foot just point out to whom you’re going to pass the ball. Pass? So instead of passing the ball with the front part of your foot. Just tilt your leg like this. And give a push like this. That’s it. Back and front Okay?

So now, the whistle has been blown all you need to do is point back pass that’s it. Okay now, the second thing first one is all about pass See, “Point”. Now your teammate has given the ball to you. Now the important thing is to stop the ball.

2. Receiving

That is “Receiving” that’s the second thing we’re going to see. Just by stopping the ball, we can’t make the next move. If you do so, then you should be at the pro level, but this article is not for the pro-level.

This article is for beginners. In that case, one should stop the ball with grace and play. In that case, the second thing we’re going to see is “How to receive a ball.” that’s what we’re going to see now.

Okay, friends. In receiving, there are soo many techniques. We’ll see all those techniques in-depth on our website in future. But this article is for beginners. So, just a single type of receiving I’ll teach you now.

What’s that is that You just need to trample the ball receive the ball by crushing that’s it. But this is a little bit technical because what if you’re receiving a ball That is bouncing. This will tough if that’s the situation. But if someone is passing the ball nearby which is just rolling then this technique is useful.

Let’s see how it’s done! Let me hit the ball on that wall, and the balls’ going to come back. And I’ll show you how to receive that ball. That’s it. Now, the same drill in the left leg! Okay? So simple. Just trample the ball while receiving.

Like saying to the ball ” don’t go anywhere, stop right here” The ball will stop. Once the ball has stopped, You have an option whether to dribble the ball Or to pass the ball to your teammate.

Now, let’s jump into three things. That is, “Dribbling” Okay. Far, you’ve received the ball successfully stopped the shot. Now, the next thing we’re going to do is just search for your teammates like where they are placed And how to pass the ball without giving the shot to the opponent.

But unfortunately, all teammates have been marked in that case.

3. Dribbling

There’s no other go, and you have to dribble so let’s see the basics in “Dribbling” Okay friends, now. Dribbling is a technical term in layman’s term- carrying the ball with you.

That’s all about dribbling. So you can even play without passing to your teammates just by carrying the ball with you. So for that, there are two ways to dribble. One is dripping by tilting your leg, i.e. this part of your foot. 2nd thing is this part of your footie the lace part of your shoe.

That is either this way or this way, so there are two types in it. Now, let me tell you the first type. So you’re here. There are no options for you to pass the ball, and you’re on your own. Like we are moving the ball with the sideway of your leg.

You’re going to play with yourself, that is Got it? Just a small pass a pass without power. If you play like that, you can take the ball by yourself, and you’re going to play that type of passes and going to carry the ball this is the first type. Necessary class for beginners, indeed. Now, see I told you to pass like this, right?

Likewise, you’re going to make small passes. This is the first type. Also, the second type is. Lil’ bit tough As I’ve said in the last article where Messi’s technique has been revealed even in that article, I taught you this technique what’s that is instead of using the side foot keep your foot like this!

That is with the front part of the lace part you’re going to dribble So … Okay? You guys have done the dribbling part. Now, the final piece is shooting whatever you do with the ball. Finally, you have to score a goal.

Without shooting, scoring a goal is not possible so now, we going to see how to shoot so friends, after doing all the three-step mentioned before now.

4. Shooting

You’re going to shoot without shooting, you can’t score a goal. So, what is shooting? It is soo simple. To teach a beginner or amateur level player is nothing but high-speed pass If you pass the ball fastly. That is what we called as shoot. Now you’ve come to know by the explanation “How to shoot”. So there are two things one is basic! Passing a ball fastly. Then that is called “Shoot”.

That is you’re here, and the first thing you have to do is “Point” where you wish to kick and pass. This pass has to be fast enough. That is so this is for essential, beginner level thing. So there’s a second type in it which is a little bit professional that is more than an amateur level.

Will try this. Which is kicking under the ball. In doing so, it goes in a height. But with height and power, I’ve done this on a Separate article which is that” how to kick a ball”. I’ll teach you that here now. Okay, now the second type is if we kick under the ball. The ball goes up and if there’s a goalkeeper is standing.

It is easy for the goalie to catch the ball which comes on the ground but tough for the goalie to catch the ball which is coming up So if we kick under the ball. The ball travels in the air, and chances of turning into a goal are high. How? While you’re passing. You’ll hit in the center of the ball So, in that case, the ball goes on the ground, but if you run under the ball, it will travel in the air So, point kick under the ball That’s it. Simple.

So, how was the article? Was it easy? If yes… comments below… So that I’ll come to know whether it was useful for you guys or not. So it’s time for the trickshot. See and comeback So, how was the trickshot?

You guys have been doing this to all my article Support us. Like how you guys are supporting now so that I can do plenty of articles just for you guys.

Thanks a lot to all of you for taking the time to read this article. If you have any questions or suggestions, then you should comment me below. Thank you.

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